NIMPE partners meet again between 15th and 17th of October, in Quimper (FR) this time. For the 4th international meeting of NIMPE project partners, it will be an opportunity to follow up on the preparation of the NIMPE MUSIC FACTORY events during Milano Music Week and the Linecheck Festival, the implementation of the NIMPE Work Book, and also to attend the first Innovation Lab organised by Tehnopole Quimper Cornouaille Team!

Technopole Quimper Cornouaille

The 1st Innovation Lab will take place in Quimper (France) on October 16th.

Since the mid-2000s, the music sector is a playground that sees many innovations flourish: new services and technological products supporting the digitization and socialization of music throughout a web based chain using (i.e.) streaming, DIY platforms for artistic creation, digital marketing, self management of rights (blockchain …), live broadcasting, cashless ticketing, digital distribution, augmented reality, big data …

As the Music Industry is fully related to so many digital tools and services the Innovation Lab first edition will focus
on the ways to integrate digital tools in the music industry at local and regional level, and also with a European openness.

During the Lab, representatives from the University of Bretagne Occidentale, the Festival of les Les Vieilles Charrues (one of the biggest European festival with 280 000 festival goers) and partners of the European Music Incubator will give us an overview on the latest evolution related to Music Business and Innovation.

Following the 4th international Meeting in Quimper, Italian and Greek NIMPE Partners will then head to network NIMPE in Paris during the MaMA Festival & Convention.

Stay tuned


NIMPE is a project that aims at supporting the internationalisation of live music and events enterprises (especially young and newly started enterprises) within Europe, trying to overcome the difficulties encountered by the sectors operators and suggesting competitive models to be tested and assessed and then shared amongst the European countries, in perspective of strengthening the overall competitiveness of the system, even towards the extra European countries.

Partners Coordinator: Assomusica Associazione (IT)
Partners: Den Selvejende Institution Swinging Europe (DK), Drustvo Studentski kulturni center (SI), M.E.S.O. Music Events (GR), Root Music LTD (UK), Technopole Quimper-Cornouaille (FR)

NIMPE Project Description (Source: EAC)

NIMPE Project has been created in response the difficulties encountered by the music production companies when exporting and internationalizing their projects or activities. The international activities of music and event producers are generally limited by a lack of information about the other markets, the lack of access to bank loan, the absence of a structured institutional support and their shortage of marketing capacity.

NIMPE main aim is to encourage and support the internationalization of live music production companies, with a particular attention to small/recently born ones. NIMPE is aiming at giving tools to the companies producing live music so that they could assess the market and could promote their international activity.

At same time, NIMPE will create a live music producer, technicians and stakeholders network in order to develop intersectorial training, networking and coproducing activities. To achieve the objective of the project, NIMPE will develop specific activities and deliverables, as NIMPE workbook – an online and paper tool covering all music producers’ internationalization needs and the NIMPE Factory, an international event with the purpose of: training target groups, creating networking opportunities and implementing live music co-productions.

NIMPE will as well foster the circulation of emerging bands: the NIMPE Factory will indeed host 15 showcases from 5 participating Countries, thus enabling them to live a unique international experience.

NIMPE can count on the support of some of the most relevant cultural/music institutions and events organizers at EU level, with their impressive impact capability on the sector. Moreover, NIMPE project is inserted on a longer-term perspective, ensuring its sustainability even after its end, as it is intended to be a pilot-project to test and assess some of the tools and strategies that Assomusica will adopt in the future network of music professionals it’s constituting, on a larger EU scale.


Assomusica Associazione (IT) Bundesverband der Veranstaltungswirtschaft e.V. (DE), Brighter Sound (UK), Cclep (EU) European Live Music Association (BE), European Music Day Association (BE),  European Research and Innovation Agency for Cultural Clusters (BE) European Music Day Greek Network (GR), Labart (GR) Linecheck Festival (IT), MESO Events (GR), MMF-italy (IT)  Music Raiser (IT), Nouvelle Prague (CZ), Rock Madness (GR) Root Music (UK), SIGIC (SI), SMOUTH (GR),  SKUC (SI), Swinging Europe (DK), Take Berlin Promotion (HU), Tak Brzmi Miasto Showcase festival (PL).

Project duration: 1. 12. 2016 – 31. 5. 2019