Groupe Patou Internationel – Eclee – Ms Academy – Patou International And Associates – C.A.D. – Centre D’action Pour La Diversite

The European Center for Leadership & Entrepreneurship Education (PATOU-ECLEE) is an independent training, education & research institution specializing in curriculum innovation, continuing education, & workforce development.

PATOU-ECLEE bridges the gap between academia & industry by teaching cultural diversity, leadership, management, people skills, & international business.

Based in Lille, France, PATOU-ECLEE works with many academic, government, & business partners in America, Europe, Africa, & Asia to provide top-flight study abroad & international mobility programs, qualification & certification programs for lifelong learners, language immersion experiences, & leadership training.

PATOU-ECLEE has designed and conducted several cultural immersion and activities that impacted hundreds of individuals across France/Europe, Africa and USA.

Access to Target Groups: Both as an organization & through its individual staff members, ECLEE has access to a wide range of enterprises & networks including multinational corporations, local businesses, Governmental institutions such as French Social Security, unemployed job seekers in France, young French college graduates & underprivileged youth from difficult neighborhoods in France.

Practical Experience and Relevant Activities: PATOU-ECLEE has excellent experience in developing & managing international exchange & learning programmes; in preparing participants for programmes of exchange; in working with publicly-funded programmes; & in working with companies within the SME sector.

  • Size: 10 people are currently working
  • Scope of Work: Knowledge gap in the specific areas
  • Area of specific expertise: Research, Curriculum Design and Innovation
  • Number of paid staff: 6
  • Number of permanent contractors: 4
  • Number of interns: 3
  • Learners varied from: 350 to 450 every year.