M.E.S.O. is a non-profit organization involved in the organization, planning and production of special music events. One of its core activities concerns the national coordination of the European Music Day organisers network in Greece, the support to live event organisers and the development of collaborations with local and European partners.

MESO (Music Events Coordination Organization) was established in 1998 with the support of the French and Hellenic ministries of Culture as a national coordination office for the European Music Day (EMD) and developed according to the constitution of the governing body, the AISBL Fête Européenne de la Musique” – “I.N.P.O. European Music Day Association” (EMDA in Brussels).

Starting from scratch in 1999, European Music Day has become one of the major institutionalized event of the Balkan region, presenting approx. 350 to 400 live music acts and events almost simultaneously, to more than 200.000 spectators per year.  Although the crises, the network is in constant growth (36 cities in 2016).

Aside Music Day events, and since the Paralympic Ceremonies in 2004, MESO has also produced hundreds of special events and its team has a strong expertise in Cultural and Creative Industries, Live Event Management and Production but also in Vocational Educational and Training (VET) activities.

On a European level, aside being appointed to manage the European Music Day association secretariat, M.E.S.O. team is active within major cultural networks. Its expertise and engagement consist mostly in the connection of new partners to generate specific consortiums and the management of transnational projects.

Operating often as a special event incubator, project coordinator or as a knowledge broker, we aim at enabling the connection between different professions of the music cluster (Education, entrepreneurship, Vocation, Training, Regeneration, Mobility, Promotion, Communication, Production, Touring …) to support the sustainable development of the European Music sector.

Connecting, a wide panel of representatives and partners in quadruple helix approach, including Public bodies and Institutions, Private organizations, micro-sized enterprises, SME’s and multinational companies in Media, Cultural and Music sector, and although MESO is an Non-profit organization, it has participated with a key role in international shows and productions, with major event productions companies of Europe (ECA2, Exhibition Road Cultural Group London, Communauté Wallonie-Bruxelles, HANOSZ, Le Public Systeme Paris…).developing significant theoretical and practical expertise of the actual market main assets and needs of the Music sector at European level.

Field of expertise:

Creation, Management, Production & Promotion of educational, networking and special cultural events simultaneously at regional & European level/ Community building and Cultural networks development at regional & European level/ Identification of Trans regional synergies to support communication or ABL & BTL Promotion at national & European level.