Assomusica is the association of live music shows producers and organizers. The association has more then one hundred and twenty members all over the country covering the 80% of live concerts in Italy.

Since the foundation of Assomusica, its associates have promoted thousands of concerts and events with the presence of millions of viewers.

At the same time, the association organizes events, shows and production initiatives useful for supporting the association aims and improving the quality of the shows.

  • – Assomusica is involved in an awareness campaign for the approval of a law attesting the cultural, social and civic value of music, in all of its forms. The organization aims to draw the attention of the Italian Parliament and Government towards our sector through appropriate advertising, both in Italy and abroad, and the funding of initiatives with the aim of incentive or scouting new talents. Moreover, we also believe that solutions and projects aimed at building new multifunctional areas for contemporary music are to be researched and funded. For almost 20 years Assomusica has been establishing effective cooperation relationships with Public Institutions (Mibact – Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities; Ministry of Labor and Social Policies…), Local Authorities and other agencies operating in the same sector (AGIS – Italian General Association for Entertainment, Siae, Inail, Assoutenti, Anci…) for which Assomusica represents a preferential and qualified stakeholder.
  • – We take care of promoting the agents’, producers’ and organizers’ interests and defining their professional profile. We work for the legislation of definite rules and of a register for exercising the profession.
  • – We provide economic, trade-union, fiscal, legal, legislative consulting and assistance for the planning and organization as regards artistic, logistic and technical aspects of events and shows.
  • – We organize events, shows, conferences and conventions and promotion of publishing initiatives with the purpose of supporting our association’s aims and improving the quality of the shows.
  • – We establish and encourage relations, we create exchanges and partnerships with ents and institutions in the music, entertainment and information industry, both in Italy and abroad.
  • – We support and promote the growth and circulation of young musical talent.

Assomusica is among the few association in Europe to have established an ethical code and a document, “Rules and Roles for the Live Show in Italy”, in which are defined codes of conduct to promote standards of quality and professional ethics for the whole category towards the public, artists, public opinion and the institutions.

Assomusica has promoted and promotes training courses for professionals. It is part of the main Board of Supervisors for the areas for public entertainment. The association is also represented in the Committee addressing the problems of the showbusiness, at the Ministry of Culture.

Assomusica participates to European Affairs and Projects, with the aim to develop its potential internationally, through an ad-hoc positioning strategy and by participating in European projects and activities.  Assomusica has begun a successful EU networking activity to identify associations and networks operating in European countries and at an international level on issues similar to those of Assomusica. The objective is to trigger a large, widespread and continuous networking action at European level, aiming, on one hand, at exchanging knowledge and skills, jointly planning and designing events and programmes at European level and on the other hand to conceive programmatic proposals to submit to relevant EU institutions. Final aim is to constitute an European formal network to represent the interests of the Association and of all similar associations operating in the European context.